The following are links to websites that can inspire, amuse, educate, and assist all aspiring genealogists!

(The listing of these websites does not imply any endorsement by the Youth Genealogists Association)

FHL Summer of Sleuthing

Why Genealogy is Important for Kids

Famous People

Gene@Star: Famous Genealogies –

Cyndi’s List: Famous People –

Link-O-Mania: Royalty & Nobility –

Famous Family Trees: All-Info About Genealogy –

Family Trees and Gifts

The Tigger Movie Family Tree –

Paper Trees (family trees of all designs) –

Smart Draw (create your own pedigree charts) –

Personal Creations (many personalized things for your family) –

Fun Genealogy Gifts (wide selection of gifts with family history in mind) –

The Family History Store (gifts for genealogist of all ages) –

Creating a Family Cook Book –

Recipes, Cookbooks & Family Traditions –

Creative Pursuits –

More Useful Internet Links

Boy Scouts of America –

Genealogy Merit Badge –

Cyndis List: Kids and Teens –

Daughters of the American Revolution –

Daughters of the Confederacy –

Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War –

Daughters of Utah Pioneers –

Family Tree Magazine for Kids –

Genealogy Today, Junior Edition –

Girls Scouts of America –

Mayflower Society –

School’s Out for Summer –

Sesame Street Workshop: Brother Sister Family Tree –

Sons of Confederate Veterans –

Sons of the American Revolution –

Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War –

US Gen Web Census Kids Project –

Kids Turn Central – Genealogy for Kids –

Geneaolgy Forms for Kids –

Family History Table Map –

101+ Fun Family History Ideas –

Stephen Morse (search pages for Ellis Island and Castle Garden) –

Eleanor Rosellini (author of three great family history mysteries for ages 7-12) –